Christmas no-cook sweets



Needed : mini roll per person and a pack of ready roll icing

  • Stand roll on end
  • shape a piece of icing to look like a flame and add to the top.


Needed : swiss roll (cut into slices), pack of ready roll icing (white), pack of ready roll icing (red), Smarties and strawberry shoelaces.

  • Lay swiss roll on plate.
  • Cut Santa hat shape from red icing and place at top of cake
  • Cut Santa beard shape from white icing and place at bottom of cake
  • Stick eyes and nose on with water icing
  • Put mouth (shoelace) on beard - smile is best.


Needed : rich tea fingers (manger), white ready roll icing (pillow and blanket), jelly babies (Jesus)

  • Roll icing out and cut circles
  • Wrap jelly baby in circle (like you would a baby)
  • Make a pillow out of the remaining icing and place at one end of biscuit.
  • Lay baby with head on pillow.
  • You can use a cocktail stick to score a pattern onto the blanket if you want.


Needed: rectangles of sponge cake, green ready roll icing, silver balls and mini M&Ms

  • Stand rectangle on plate so it stands tall.
  • Drape a circle of icing over so that it looks like a tree.
  • Put a silver ball at the top and use M&Ms to decorate like you would a tree.
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