Young Leaders' FAQs

Can I be a Young Leader?
If you are aged between 14 and 18 and want to work with Rainbows, Brownies or Guides you can be a Young Leader (YL). Only two YLs are allowed to work with any one Unit, but you're allowed to be a YL in up to two Units, these don't have to be in the same Section. Note: if there is only one Unit in your area then more than two YLs can work with a Unit, but only two are allowed to help out each week. As a YL you are a member of the Senior Section. You can be a Ranger Guide as well as a YL, but you don't have to be.

How do I become a YL?
Once you've decided you want to be a YL you need to register using a form available from your District Commissioner (DC) or YL Guider. Your DC will then be able to assign you to a Unit, depending on which Section you've chosen.
Which meeting do I have to attend?
Those of the Unit you've decided to work with. You may also attend YL Group meetings. These are meetings that give you the chance to talk over what you've been doing with your YL Guider and also other YLs (a great opportunity to pick up ideas). Your YL Guider will let you know when and where these meetings take place.

How much will it cost?
The Unit you're working with should meet the cost of attending trainings. They should also be able to provide you with materials (or money to buy them) for making equipment for the Unit or to help run an activity.
Do I work alone?
You never need to feel that you are on your own. You can get help from a number of places including:
· The Guider of the Unit you work with.
· Your YL Guider
· Your YL Group - other YLs can be a great source of advice, after all they're going through the same as you.
· GUIDING Magazine – you should receive a copy once you are registered as working on the Adult Leadership Scheme. If not, ask to see your Guider’s copy.
· Even your ex Guide Guider may be able to offer you advice.

What do I wear?
You can choose anything from the YL / Ranger uniform selection as appropriate. You can also wear a Senior Section badge tab (blue, aqua and grey striped) As well as your Promise Badge you are allowed to wear up to four recognised badges on this; these could be your metal County Badge, World Badge, YL Bar (given when you have completed 6 months of service with a Unit) or Girlguiding UK Award.

When do I make / renew my Promise?
Whenever you feel ready, having first talked it over with a warranted Guider. You can choose to make / renew your Promise with the Unit you work with or with your YL Group. As a YL you'll wear a white Promise Badge. Senior Section Promise: I promise that I will do my best To love my God To serve the Queen and my Country To help other people and To keep the Guide Law. The further responsibility of YLs (and Rangers) is: To be of service to the community.

What can I work on?
Making It Count - aimed at the 14-16 age range. It's a framework of activities to help you develop your leadership skills. To gain the Leadership Skills Certificate, you complete activities from three sections:
Me - personal development.
Me as a Leader - basic leadership skills.
Leadership in Guiding - experiencing leadership within Guiding.

The Leadership Qualification - for the 16+ age range. Tjis qualification will enable you to become a trained Leader or Assistant Leader with a Unit. There are 4 modules in the qualification. Modules 1-3 are compulsory, Module 4 is for those who intend to run a Unit.
Module 1 Your role in the programme
Module 2 Your role in Girlguiding UK
Module 3 Your role in Safety and Administration
Module 4 Your role in managing the unit

When you start working on the qualification, you will be assigned a Mentor who will support you as you work through the scheme. It should take around 6 months. Once you have completed the qualification and are 18 or older, you will receive your Warrant card.

What other opportunities are available?
LOOK WIDER (14-25 years). It is split into eight octants: Out of Doors, International, Independent Living, Leadership, Fit for Life, Creativity, Personal Values and Community Action. As a YL you'd obviously be working in the Leadership Octant but you may also choose activities from any of the other seven Octants. You may even work towards an Octant Certificate (specialist in one Octant) or the Chief Guide's Challenge (work on all Octant Phases 1 & 2).
4ward, 4 self, 4 others – a peer education initiative. To become an In4mer and run sessions using peer education techniques you need to attend a Basic Training weekend; your YL Guider will have details.
The Senior Section Permit (covers Overnight Hike and Camp Permits.)
Queen's Guide Award (16th-26th birthday)
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (14th-25th birthday)
Details of these are available from your YL Guider.

How do I keep track of everything?
The Look Wider Personal Organiser will help you record what you've done. It includes space for:
Activities completed for Octants (and suggestions of activities)
Inserts for Making It Count and the Queen’s Guide Award
Important Guiding addresses - all in one book, so don't lose it !
If you are working towards The Leadership Qualification, you will have a Guider Record Book

Section - this refers to the different parts of Guiding, e.g. Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and the Senior Section.
Senior Section - all members of Girlguiding UK aged between 14 and 25, including Young Leaders, Rangers, young Guiders, In4mers, female LINKers, female SSAGO members, etc.
SSAGO - Student Scout And Guide Organisation.